S'mores: Gourmet Treats for Every Occasion
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Featured Review

"There are some foods that make your mouth water just thinking about them; perfect combinations of texture and flavor... mozzarella and tomato, that first bite of a fresh peach...and S'mores! The closest thing on earth to manna. Here is a book with over 60 recipes for S'mores! If you're not drooling by the time you're done flipping through this one, you'd better call an undertaker! Please though.. don't drool on the book!"
- Henderson, OH Public Library web site

Library Journal
"Lots of luscious color pictures let you see the presentations. Overall, a fun and attractive book, guaranteed to bring out your inner Camp Fire Girl or Boy Scout."

Christian Science Monitor
"More and more s'mores" by Jessica Morse
"Lisa Adams has managed to come up with more than 60 creative and palate-pleasing variations in S'mores. . . .Don't let the subtitle - "Gourmet treats for every occasion" - mislead you. The recipes are simple enough for an 8-year-old Girl Scout to prepare. . . . It's the combinations that are gourmet - and meltingly delicious."

Chicago Tribune
"Some more s'mores, please" by Renee Enna
"Our favorites are her seasonal s'mores, like the squashed chickie s'more. It puts Easter Peeps to perfect use, tastes really good, is horribly/wonderfully messy and will make you giggle. We're always ready for s'more of that."

L.A. Times
"Taste of L.A."
"The creations, using sweets, fruits and chocolates, just might change the way you view the campfire classic. Innovative twists run the gamut from brownies, cookies and cakes to waffles, croissants and parfaits."

Arizona Daily Star
"Adams takes the humble campfire treat to new levels. . . . The pictures will have you reaching for the lighter and bag of marshmallows."

Marcy Goldman's Better Baking.com
"This is more about assembling our favorite treats: graham cookies, chocolate and marshmallows - and visually it is quite inspiring. A great book for kids or teens."

St. Petersburg Times
"Sweet twists on s'mores and more" by Ellen Folkman
"These recipes may inspire you to create other concoctions. . . . Lisa Adams puts such a creative twist on her recipe variations that even traditionalists are sure to find a new favorite."

Orange County Register
"S'mores aren't just your traditional campfire fare anymore" by Cathy Thomas
"Adams...offers a book filled with inventive tips for roasting marshmallows and melting chocolate over a campfire, barbecue or gas stovetop."

Flint Journal
"S'mores 67 Ways"
"Fresh fruit, chopped candy canes, and even pumpkin pie cozy up with that staple marshmallow."

Publishers Weekly
"While the world might not have been waiting for a book devoted solely to s'mores, outdoor types might want to give Adams's book some consideration before packing for their next trip. . . .the recipes are simple to replicate, making them ideal for children and young-at-heart marshmallow lovers."

Buffalo News
"Gourmandise" by Janice Okun
"This book will show you how to assemble the goodies from ingredients like macaroons, pineapple and rum (definitely not for your favorite Girl Scout) to Stuffed Apricot S'mores. Beautiful photos come along as well."

Miami Herald
"A little stack of sweetness just got better."

Wichita Eagle
"S'mores takes the old campfire treat and improves it with recipes that often leave graham crackers behind in favor of pound cake, cookies and croissants. In some recipes, fresh fruit, chopped candy canes and even pumpkin pie cozy up with that staple marshmallow."

Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader and Kentucky.com
"S'more ways to make s'mores" by Sharon Thompson
"S'mores: Gourmet Treats for Every Occasion has techniques for roasting the perfect marshmallow and properly melting a piece of chocolate, but Adams pairs and substitutes the three original ingredients to come up with dozens of recipes."

Albany Times Union
"S'mores are not just for campfires anymore" by Jennifer Gish
"A little stack of sweetness just got better. The book...gives s'mores lovers something to salivate over since nearly half of the 67 takes on the old-fashioned treat get a glucose-raising glamour shot."

Orlando Sentinel
"S'mores the merrier" by Heather Mcpherson
"Pick up S'mores: Gourmet Treats for Every Occasion by Lisa Adams, and you will never look at campfire treats the same. She takes those deliciously ooey-gooey graham-cracker, marshmallow-and-chocolate concoctions to gourmet and beyond with fruit, sauce, croissant and cookie embellishments."

Spokane Spokesman Review
Lorie Hutson
"S'more purists might want to avert their eyes. Lisa Adams' new cookbook elevates the simple campfire treat into the stratosphere with innovative graham cracker substitutes, scrumptious chocolate choices and surprise add-ins such as strawberry slices, Peeps, caramel, popcorn, Nutella, pear pieces, pumpkin pie, Ding-Dongs, and mini powdered doughnuts."